How To Scale Your Business With Dignity

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Mar 16, 2023 12:00:00 AM

How To Scale Your Business With Dignity

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System & Soul Blog: How To Scale Your Business With Dignity

As leaders we’re not only challenged to address the day-to-day challenges and opportunities in our business, we’re tasked with thinking about how we scale the business to the size and scope we want YEARS from now. It can be difficult to juggle both mindsets and plans.


Sometimes the answer is as simple as reframing. For instance, there's a lot of power in re-framing your mindset to unlock potential in your business. A change in perspective can accomplish feats as large as scaling from a 6-figure business to an 8-figure business, like:


8-figure businesses: Ask their team what their focus is.

6-figure businesses: Tell their reports what to work on.


8-figure businesses: Have a clear strategy tied to their vision.

6-figure businesses: Reactive to opportunities that come their way.


8-figure businesses: Have space in their calendar to think about the business and future.

6-figure businesses: Work 60+ hours a week because “you gotta grind to make it work.”


Sometimes, it really is as simple as “to run an 8-figure business you have to think like a leader who runs an 8-figure business.”


Great - you’ve got everything you need to run an 8-figure business now, right?


While this new perspective is helpful, you might be feeling a bit unsure of what this looks like to practically implement in YOUR business.


We believe the best seven, eight, and nine figure businesses are the ones that get one thing right at the core: they champion dignity.


Championing dignity means demonstrating the respect owed to every human being in your organization, simply because they are a human being.


High growth and high performance businesses that last start with dignity. Here are some telltale signs you’re championing dignity and tools to help you out:

  1. Treat everyone with love and respect based on their intrinsic value as a human: Recommend reading: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  2. Give them clarity of how to win in their job by identifying their role-specific mission, KPIs and core functions.
  3. Provide feedback on how they are progressing by scheduling recurring time to sit down with your leadership team, we call it a Weekly Sync.
  4. Tie their value in the business to their value to the mission, you did the work on this in step 2, connect the dots!
  5. Align their work and a deeper purpose by regularly spending 1:1 time with your leaders and having Healthy F.I.T. Conversations with them.
  6. Support in their personal and professional goals, again, you already did the heavy lifting with this one in step 5. Extend the conversation to their personal goals and make the connection!


NOTE: You may want to check in with your team and ask them if they see these signs already in your business and where they think the business could improve.


With a focus and desire to treat your team with dignity, implementing these six recommendations can help you establish soul-nourishing systems that extend the life and impact of your business as you scale up.

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