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Increase Your Impact as a System & Soul Coach


We help high-capacity leaders become exceptional business coaches.

With the System & Soul™ Coaching Framework, you can build a practice that creates substantial income and delivers sustained impact.


Enrollment Open for Training:

February 20 - 22, 2024 in Atlanta, GA

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We didn't like the options we had as business coaches.

So many programs...

  • are crazy expensive and require complex financial agreements
  • are restrictive and controlling with their content 
  • don't help the coach HELP THEIR CLIENTS!
  • don’t help the coach create deep, impactful, long-term relationships.
  • don’t give the coach the freedom and flexibility to do it their way.
  • don't integrate the culture of a company with the systems.


🙌🏽 So, we built something that gives coaches…

  • A reliable business framework to build on
  • Ability to stay flexible to the client's needs
  • Freedom to bring fresh material to the table all the time
  • Create significant, long-term impact in the lives of your clients 
  • And continue to build personal freedom with your time and income

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The System & Soul Difference


There's a big problem with the way businesses approach training and development. Often, the systems are trained in a vacuum.... Metrics, org charts, and goals are created separately from the people and culture that are entrusted to run the system well. 

What's wrong with that? Well, plenty, but it boils down to a few hot spots for most business owners: confusion, chaos, and misalignment.

With a blind eye to the soul of the business, we're often left in the dark on why and who is going to get us on the other side of the mess. 

So, we decided to approach training in a new way. System & Soul balances the development of systems and processes alongside the people and culture, the soul you put at the heart of what you do.

System & Soul Coach Training

February 20-22, 2024 in Atlanta, GA

There are limited seats in this training so that we can provide a world-class, discussion-led training environment.
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2.5-Day Training Agenda

Location: Atlanta, GA
Dates: February 20-22
Most meals and all materials provided on-site.
What you can expect to gain during training:
  1. Learn the System & Soul Model, Process, and Philosophy
  2. Complete overview of the core System & Soul tools and session day content
  3. Role play and discussion about common facilitation scenarios
  4. Business development training and 90-day plan to go launch your business 
  5. Networking with a high-caliber group of experienced coaches 
Day 1
  • Intro to System & Soul and Clarity Day 1 Facilitation
Day 2
  • Clarity Day 30 & 31 Facilitation
  • Role-playing and pitch practice
Day 3
  • Quarterly/Annual Strategy Facilitation
  • Business Development Training and Storytelling

Meet Your Instructors

Benj Miller - Visionary/CEO

Benj is a 10x business builder and the CEO of System & Soul. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs avoid decades of mistakes and missteps to reach breakthrough faster and make a greater impact. Throughout this training Benj will offer insight into the heart behind System & Soul, how to be a great facilitator and guide for your clients, and how to establish your coaching practice.

McKenzie Decker - Operator/COO

McKenzie serves as the Operator/COO for System & Soul. She runs the day-to-day operations of System & Soul and serves as the primary content developer. Her passion and purpose is to move vision to action and create moments for breakthrough. During this training McKenzie will share practical application for the tools and resources in the System & Soul methodology and share insights on the nuts and bolts of managing your practice.


The coaches who thrive in our community understand one important thing: 
The system (the HOW of running a business) and the soul (the WHY and the WHO that makes business happen) matter equally. 

Our BEST coaches have these qualities:


  • In an owner / founder / executive / senior leadership role previously
  • In Sales and/or Business Development
  • Currently serving clients as a consultant or coach


  • Ready to take the entrepreneurial leap
  • Currently has a coaching practice
  • Currently has a consulting practice


  • Desire to teach & asks questions over giving advice
  • Ability to improvise and be flexible to meet client needs
  • Inwardly Sound & Others Focused
  • Comfortable with getting uncomfortable
  • Thinks strategically & communicates effectively
  • Coach teams to work as a healthy, collaborative unit & one-on-one
  • Ready to contribute to a high-caliber community of coaches


Time & Financial

  • In yourself (training, quarterly meetings, monthly membership)
  • In developing a practice and build your own business
  • In business development activity (speaking, calling, networking, grinding it out)

Join an elite group of experienced teachers and facilitators.

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