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First 90 Days
System & Soul Difference
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We help small business teams go from

inconsistent, disconnected, and dysfunctional to

accountable, cohesive, and productive

within the first 90 days of implementing the System & Soul Framework.


Create clarity & control

In your first 30 days, we'll help you: 

  • Examine your team for role "F.I.T."
  • Create a clear, functioning Org Chart and Scoreboard
  • Establish a weekly meeting cadence
  • Create a system for solving challenges and sharing opportunities
  • Develop focus around your top initiatives

DAY 30 & 31:

Unify your team

One month in we will:

  • Articulate the long-term vision and goals of the organization.
  • Build out your unique "equation" to get the culture you want.
  • Set a new lens around what differentiates your business.
  • Clarify the focus and key driver of your business.


Build momentum

Every 90 days we will:

  • Tackle major obstacles as a unified team
  • Set our focus for the next quarter
  • Work together to build healthier team habits.

System & Soul Client Haley Devlin, COO, Stratasan


The System & Soul Difference

System & Soul is the ONLY business framework that combines the system and soul of your business to create breakthrough. It is a balance of process and people – made up of six elements that are the backbone of proven, productive, and well-loved organizations everywhere.


The System & Soul Modelแต€แดน is designed to systematically create development in six key areas of your business: design, cadence, score, destination, ethos, and people. Each area is supported by tools to start conversations and determine the best next steps to create alignment.

The Journey

The System & Soul Journey is a recommended two years of work with a Coach through the framework and tools. The framework is broken into three phases: Clarity, Control, and Growth.

The Clarity phase focuses on onboarding the tools and best practices in the framework. It's three full days of learning over the course of one month. The Control and Growth phases represent a full year-long cycle of Quarterly refuels and a two-day annual strategy session.


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