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The Best Weekly Team Meeting Ever

The agenda to make weekly team meetings suck less.

At System & Soulᵀᴹ we help teams gain clarity and control in their business. A key aspect to building momentum in the right direction is having better meetings. We call it the "Weekly Sync." You'll be calling it the best weekly team meeting you've ever had.

This FREE resource will help you:

  • Stay on track.
  • Get more done.
  • Get in tune with the individuals on your team.
  • Solve the most important problems.

Download the meeting agenda

Stop bad weekly meetings once and for all. Download the agenda and get in sync with your team.

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What you get right away…

The Weekly Sync Agenda PDF with meeting tips/best practices and rules included

A 10-minute explainer video from System & Soul co-founder & Chief Architect, Benj Miller

A 30-day trial of the S2 Sync™ App to make running your meetings easy and organized.

What are you waiting for?

This is the same Weekly Sync Agenda that the most effective teams in business have been using for years to increase productivity and stay connected!