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The only operating framework for the system & soul of your business. 

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Learn the six elements to creating clarity, control, and breakthrough for your business.

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S2 Self-Guided Journey

The S2 Self-Guided Journey is a video course designed for entrepreneurs to go the journey at their own pace.

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We know the chaos and complexity of running a business.

No matter how successful it is, one of two things will happen to your organization.

You're either going to experience growth so great it will outstrip your control or you will hit a ceiling you can't breakthrough.

Both of these create frustration, but the solution is the same.

That's why we created System & Soulᵀᴹ, a framework to help create breakthrough in your business.

System & Soulᵀᴹ gives you the structure, language, and processes you need to manage your business while not forgetting the soul, why you created it in the first place, the culture that you want to have for your employees, and what makes you attractive to your customers.

You've got to have both system and soul. It's the ultimate competitive advantage.

How it Works

Years of experience and proven methods 

System & Soulᵀᴹ Coaches are tenured entrepreneurs who've been there, done that, and want to help other business leaders find a better way forward.

S2 Coaches are different because they don't just train leadership teams to build better systems to scale and grow. They help you connect the SOUL of your company to everything you do. 

Our coaches are passionate about helping business owners reach breakthrough and they know real change, growth, and scale happen when the system and soul of the business are in sync.

We’re looking to partner with experienced coaches who crave a holistic way of training.

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The Clarity Field Guide

Accelerating your business might require slowing down long enough to get clear. The Clarity Field Guide is a hands-on journaling resource to help business owners navigate the seasons of their life and work by leaning into important, timely questions.

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System & Soulᵀᴹ Podcast

Join us every week for a conversation with our founders, Benj, Chris, and their special guests. Each interview shares principles, tools, and best practices for entrepreneurs to run better businesses.


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Self-Coached Online Course

For all those do-it-yourselfers, there's a way for your to access all the tools and principles in the System & Soulᵀᴹ Framework through our self-guided course. 


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Start your day with clarity!


As you may know, there are 261 workdays in the calendar year.

So, we've mapped out the entire year with daily micro thoughts and micro-actions – sticky notes – to help keep the ball moving forward in your personal life, as a leader, and for the sake of your business.

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