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hey, i’m benj

I’m a 10X founder. Business coach by day, youth lacrosse fanatic by night.

I’m a deep thinker. Quick to take action on ideas. And a huge fan of business builders like you.

I think in clear, concise ideas, mind maps, and bulleted lists.

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“Your 261 is speaking to me today (it usually does, but this one stands out). These have been super valuable to me!

1. They make me feel 'normal' and not alone.

2. They often give actionable things to do.

3. They make me THINK.”


“Benj, I really needed to read what you mailed today. It was very impactful. Thank you for sending it!”


“A friend of ours just sent me an email saying this one made her cry. We enjoy discussing your emails… they pertain to business and they pertain to life.

LIFE is a team sport!”


“Great stuff Benj!! I think a lot of folks are struggling with this right now. Keep fighting the good fight!”


Thanks for this one, Benj.
You are consistently posting really GOOD stuff!
I am grateful.


Really liked this one, Benj. I’m at a tire tread startup in Durham and really feel this analogy.