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Our goal is to impact 25,000 companies by 2030.


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How it all started

System & Soul™ was founded by Benj Miller, Chris White, and McKenzie Reeves Decker in March 2021.

Chris and Benj had their roots as business coaches in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). McKenzie spent several years leading a divisional team for Maxwell Leadership. In 2021, they came together and determined that the businesses they served needed a new kind of framework that offered a more holistic approach.

There were two things they knew were missing:

1. A flexible system that met leadership teams where they were on their journey of growth and health.

2. A combined approach of a business's systems and soul to create meaningful change for these teams.

The vision is to help 25,000 companies reach breakthrough.

  • Breakthrough in how they operate day-to-day.
  • Breakthrough in how they lead their people.
  • Breakthrough for the families and communities they impact in their wake.

How are we planning to pull this off?

The vision is carried out daily by our trained and certified System & Soul Coaches in the U.S. and abroad, working with leadership teams in a variety of industries and sizes. We primarily serve small businesses with 20-200 employees who want to become aligned, healthy, and effective as they grow.

The people who experience the greatest impact with System & Soul also understand that we don't want to use people to grow our businesses. We want to use businesses to grow people.

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Meet The Team

The S2 Crew

Our Road Map

Our strategic approach to everything we do

Our Identity Statement:

We are the only business framework that combines the system and soul to create breakthrough.


Our Destination: 

We are going to impact 25,000 companies

by 2030

because we believe small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities.

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Our Journey

On the road to help 25,000 companies reach breakthrough

March 2021

It all started in Benj's home office (under construction)

We spent a few Saturdays and long nights trying to build the thing we most needed for our clients—system + soul. The model we landed on came from a lot of reflected-on experience, brainstorming, and tons of prayer for something that would be a game-changing option for businesses everywhere.

March 2021
August 2021

The first dance party

We recruited and trained our first cohort of business coaches in August 2021 in Atlanta.

This training event was the first time we practiced an organizational habit that is [to this day] both cringy and amazing. We stopped mid-training to crank some Black-Eyed Peas and spend a few ridiculous minutes dancing together. It was important to us that we started this movement without ego or fear of looking stupid, but most of all, to have FUN while we do this important work.

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August 2021
January 2022

Getting in sync

Not long after launching System & Soul to our first clients, we realized they needed more to support the important decisions they made with their coaches. They needed a way to capture data, track results, and execute the framework on an ongoing basis.

So in January 2022, the S2 Sync app became a primary way to support our clients and help drive better adoption of the S2 framework and tools throughout an organization.

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January 2022
May 2022


We celebrated one year of System & Soul with our team of coaches in Orlando, FL. We held a champagne toast and enjoyed a comedy improv class to have some fun learning one of the most important skills a coach can have—being a great improviser.

Let’s just say, we weren’t experts coming out of that event, but we did laugh until our faces hurt.

May 2022
October 2023

Not your dad's business book

We released our first System & Soul book, Renegades: Break Rules. Find Freedom. A book for founders. The reality was, since the business began we’d written many drafts of books to share the message of System & Soul with the world, but those drafts always felt more like the manual that comes with a new coffee maker than a book we felt the people we served needed. We got real. We got personal. And we wrote a book for founders and the people surviving their renegade ways. We sold 1,000 within the first 3 months of the book’s release.

October 2023
March 2024

Doing the work

To-date we have 40 active business coaches in the U.S. and abroad and many more who will train with us later in the year. We’re serving 100s of clients around the world in construction, manufacturing, technology, marketing, education, ministry and more. We’ve been blessed with both highs and lows in the process of building something worthwhile for the people we care about—leaders and their teams. Three years in and we are both proud and humbled to be doing this work for companies everywhere.

March 2024