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69 Of 261: My Worst Nightmare

261 cadence meetings weekly sync Dec 22, 2022
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Nothing is worse for me than when I'm in a meeting and time feels wasted or unfocused. 

I can literally feel my skin crawling.

I get frustrated and impatient.

I end up wanting to take over, and then I'm in danger of bulldozing.

I imagine you feel this way too when tangents are flying and no decisions are getting nailed down.

Here's a solution that works for me and my team—

  • Same time, same place, and same agenda every week
  • Bulk of the time is reserved for the group to solve problems and address opportunities
  • We take time to clarify what we're really trying to solve
  • Always capture actions and follow-up steps with assigned due dates
  • ***We ALL respect and agree to play by these rules

I've outlined how we've mastered fun, productive meetings here.

Take it and see how it works for you.



(Sent out Monday, April 11, 2022)

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