The Art of Facilitation

leadership Oct 29, 2021

OMG. Nobody is talking. Everybody is just sitting there, looking around the room in awkward silence.


What do I do now??


I need to say something.


Or steer them in a different direction.






One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a coach is to try and jump in and solve the problem for your client.


Sometimes you need to let the awkward silence happen for a bit. Let them have time to process and sit with it before moving forward too quickly.


That being said, you DO want to KEEP THEM ON TRACK. Make sure you’re all on the same page before the meeting starts and clarify what you are there to do so you can refocus the group if you start to get off course.


Another thing a good facilitator does is GIVE EVERYONE AN EQUAL VOICE. You’ll definitely have different personalities in the room. Make sure everyone gets a chance to speak and have a voice.


And remember to BE A NEUTRAL PARTY. Your role is to encourage a diversity of opinions without judgment whether you agree or not.


Oh, and remember to TAKE GOOD NOTES. This one is self-explanatory.


As a reminder, a facilitator doesn't lead, but rather guides. You shouldn’t offer solutions or recommend decisions, but rather help the group discover solutions for themselves. This way, they will reach an outcome or decision that everyone will take responsibility for and be committed to.


Now go forth and let your amazing facilitator light shine. 


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