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Increasing Your ROT: Return on Time

cadence Nov 29, 2022

Everyone can cut 2-4 hours of low-value work out of their week.


But most would say that’s impossible. 


The problem? 


They’re looking at the job as it is, not how it could be. 


Here are a few thoughts and questions to coach them on increasing the return on their time: 

  1. Record what takes time: 
    1. Do we have a high level 6-10 points on how to do the recurring activities in your role?
    2. Are we clear on what’s important? 
    3. What about urgency? 
  2. Analyze:
    1. Can any of this be delegated, automated, deleted? 
    2. Have we reviewed how effective these tasks are in getting us results? 
    3. Is there anything that can be partially or fully automated?
    4. Are you waiting on anything from me or anyone else that’s slowing you down? How can we reconfigure the workflow to avoid bottlenecks? 
  3. Decide:
    1. What can we change right now? 
    2. What do we need to start working toward next year?
    3. What do we stay aware of but hold making a decision on?

Remember that having even the simplest processes recorded is a great way to kick off this conversation. Do it. Here’s a guide.



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