Cheat sheet for a better 2022

cadence Apr 28, 2022

I’ve found that there are 8 things I need to do 4x a year that end up making things easier overtime. They keep me and my teams out of ruts. Keeps us doing the right things and stopping ourselves quickly when we’re doing the wrong things.

Here’s my list. 

When you join my newsletter, The 261, I’ll send you reminders each quarter so you don’t miss them. You don’t need to do these all at once. Pick one. 

  1. Set Quarterly Planning Meetings with Your Team
  2. Set Quarterly Conversations with Team Members
  3. Review the Measures and Targets Your Scoreboard 
  4. Review the Functions and People in Your Org Chart
  5. Schedule Your Clarity Breaks
  6. Review Your Bets (3 yr, 1 yr goals)
  7. Ask: Where can I grow as a leader?
  8. Check Your Processes

Keep asking questions in these areas and you’ll give yourself guardrails as you move forward. 

Download a cool PDF of this list here.

Even better, subscribe to this calendar to get automatic reminders. 

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