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Keeping Score

cadence score Oct 07, 2021

Playing a game without knowing the score would be frustrating and pointless. Some might argue that you just play for the fun of it but I’m here to tell you right now, most people that play the game, play to win. 

It’s no different in business. You want to win. You play to win. You HAVE to win.

But if you’re not keeping score, then there’s no way to know if you’re winning or losing.

The good news is data doesn’t lie. It allows you to make better-informed decisions. 

But you have to have a game plan.

You don’t wait until the end of the game to look at the scoreboard. You can look at the score anytime during the game and see if you’re winning or if you need to change some things up, make adjustments, change strategies, etc.

If you don’t currently have a scoreboard here are three ideas to consider while building the metrics you should be tracking. 


One: Metrics need a Destination

What are you, as an organization, driving toward? 

You should have a destination, a goal, a target, right?

If you are not measuring your progress toward that then it doesn’t really matter.


Two: Metrics need to track your Economic Engine

What are you tracking that is the economic engine of your organization?

Because that economic engine is going to get you to your destination.

You have to be focused on driving that number.


Three: Metrics are Realistic 

No one conquered Rome in a day. It got chipped at little by little until one day the barbarians were at the gates. 

Whether you’re a few years into your business or have been around for a while, it takes time and grit to achieve your goals. Don’t set lofty targets that your team can’t hope to hit. This will ultimately end in low morale.  

In one form or another, you’re probably heard, “What get’s measured gets managed.” That’s because metrics are insanely valuable assets that provide clarity and control in your organization.

So whether you’re a pro at scoreboards, brand spanking new to scoreboards, or don’t know how or what to measure with your scoreboard, starting with the basics can help you gain more clarity and control for your business.

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