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94 Of 261: ZERO Monkeys

261 leadership lesson reminder team Dec 22, 2022

You are a remarkably capable leader. Being capable is awesome. It's usually how people like us end up in leadership roles. 

But, being a capable leader also attracts everyone else's problems—because they know you'll have a great solution.

And if you're honest, sometimes it's just easier to do it for them, right? ... NOPE.

Ken Blanchard calls this "managing monkeys."

Monkeys are the problems your team brings you that end up on your plate to fix or solve—like a monkey jumping from its back to yours.

You might think you're being helpful or efficient by saying, "let me think about that and get back with you." But what you're really doing is taking on responsibility to solve the problem.

Blanchard says, managers who grab monkeys off their people's backs often kill employee initiative, and leave them waiting for the boss to "make the next move." 

Here's your reminder today: manage ZERO monkeys.

Try this instead—it's called 1-3-1.
When you see a monkey, you say...

For this ONE problem, I'd like you to go think of THREE potential solutions, then I'll help you pick the best ONE. 

Your job as the leader is to help other people become as capable as you are. I know you can do it.



(Sent out Monday, May 16, 2022)

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