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84 Of 261: Hack For Your To-Do List

261 action lesson to-do Dec 22, 2022
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I know that right after you skim this, you're going to check your to-do list and calendar.

Here's a hack to help you get more (smarter work) done this week.

Start with the lead domino.

Your lead domino is one of two things:

  1. Something we're avoiding. Because it will take time, energy, and mental or emotional resources. Why are you avoiding it? Whatever it is, know that once that thing is completed, the weight will be off your shoulders and your energy will be unleashed for your other "dominos."
  2. One small thing that leads to greater impact. This kind of lead domino takes effort, but makes everything else easier.
  • Make the template... before creating the thing.
  • Write the process... before doing the thing.
  • Create the checklist... before tackling the thing.
  • Make a decision... that makes all the other decisions really clear. 

Bottom line: Your lead domino produces momentum for everything else.

This quick video will help you visualize the power. Enjoy. 



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