83 Of 261: Ask Them

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Dec 22, 2022 12:00:00 AM

83 Of 261: Ask Them

261 people question team Dec 22, 2022
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Ask your team members this question—

If you had one more workday a week, what would you designate it for?

At face-value they're telling you what they wish they had margin to accomplish more of. 

But what you're really discovering here is where they might be pushing off an important project or task on their plate.

We tend to hold back on the things that are most valuable for us to work on.

We go with the easier, more urgent, quicker tasks.

The win for your team is helping them make way for the thing they would work on if they had that extra time.

Sometimes all that means is giving permission to NOT do everything else. 



(Sent out Friday, April 29, 2022)

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