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3 ways to find a competitive market position

ethos Oct 06, 2022

Remember that arcade game, Pole Position?
Or, for my Millennials... Mario Kart? 

The way to win was to steer clear of obstacles and it often helped if you held the lead from the starting line. 

Most of us don't get to enter the market in the pole position.

So, how do you win?

3 ways to find a competitive market position:

  1. Ask customers (directly) what frustrates them, what they want, and then use their words to guide what you build and how you talk about it.
  2. Find a niche in a market no one else is focused on.
  3. Partner with friends and influencers who have the trust of their audience to help you get in front of the right people.

I'm with you in navigating the race. Take this as encouragement to innovate your approach and find an advantage.


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