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106 Of 261: Why So Many Companies Stay Average

261 design lesson planning roadmap Dec 22, 2022
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A few days back I shared the S2 Road Map with you—my one-page business plan. Today I want to give you one piece of that plan to think about—your Hedgehog.

Jim Collins originated the Hedgehog Concept in his book Good-to-Great.

Great companies were the ones that knew 3 key things about themselves and filtered decisions with these things in mind:

  • What they are deeply passionate about
  • What they are the best in the world at
  • What drives their economic engine

Knowing these three things and making decisions through them removes ego-driven goals and the chaos we create when we chase shiny objects instead of what we can truly give the world.



(Sent out Thursday, June 2, 2022)

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