105 Of 261: Can I Be Vulnerable With You?

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Dec 22, 2022 12:00:00 AM

105 Of 261: Can I Be Vulnerable With You?

261 leadership lesson reminder vulnerability Dec 22, 2022
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There are 5 levels of vulnerability we're privileged to access with the people we lead. 
Often when it comes to work, we stick with 1 and 2. But real relationships happen between 3-5.

  1. Cliche - Small talk, safe, easy, without consequences.
  2. Facts - Sharing what's happening, discussing what most people already agree with or can't deny.
  3. Opinions or Ideas - Now it gets dangerous... potential to polarize, chance for disagreement or discovering difference.
  4. Emotions - Requires serious vulnerability because this might mean showing fear, disappointment, anger, or just end up being labeled as "too emotional."
  5. Needs - The most vulnerable level because it exposes the need for others. Asks for help we can't give ourselves. It reveals that we are not completely self-sufficient. 

Reminder 1: The level of vulnerability with the people on your team can only go as deep as you are willing to take it. They will follow your lead. 

Reminder 2: As the leader, people look to you for your opinions and ideas. It's your job to create a safe space for others to show up and move toward sharing their opinions, emotions, and needs.

Are you ready to level up? 



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