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101 Of 261: 5 Ways People Respond To Feedback—And How To Lead Them

261 advice people Dec 22, 2022
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If you're leading everyone in your organization the same way, you're likely frustrated with how some people respond to your feedback. 

That's because there are 5 types of people you're leading who all handle feedback differently.

Here are the 5 types, how they receive feedback, and how you should respond. 

  • The Wise: Embraces feedback. ➡️ Befriend them.
  • The Simple: Learns from feedback. ➡️ Teach them.
  • The Fool: Resists feedback. ➡️ Be firm with them.
  • The Hard-Hearted: Despises feedback. ➡️ Set boundaries with them.
  • The Mocker: Attacks you and your feedback. ➡️ Discipline them.

Which type are you when you're receiving feedback?
Who do you need to approach differently?



(Sent out Wednesday, May 25, 2022)

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