Do you have a pulse on your leadership?


Get a new kind of 360° view on your leadership effectiveness.

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The old model of leadership is dying out.

Brought on by too many examples of leadership gone bad.

I love it. Why?

Because we’re all tired of bad leadership.

  • Results-driving, but inconsistent character.
  • Decisive and strong, but unpredictable in difficult circumstances.
  • Confident and charismatic, but lacking genuine care for the people in their wake.


So we're at a juncture in our work-life where we're all asking for something more—from the people who lead us and how we lead others.  

  • Humility.
  • Integrity.
  • Self-discipline.
  • Empathy.


We want leaders who lead themselves even better than they lead in their jobs.


The bigger question is, are you the leader you want to be? 


The first step is gaining awareness. Find out how the people around you experience your leadership. 

Get a pulse on your leadership

Use code LEAD50 for $50 off your Three-Sixty assessment.

Take the Leadership Pulse 360° Assessment

 A NEW kind of 360° feedback 

This assessment is different than the ones used to measure leaders in the last few decades.

  • It gives you feedback on not just WHAT you do in your role, but WHO you are.
  • You'll be measured on 10 points of leadership effectiveness.
  • Our methodology is based in empirical research on over 20,000 executives to determine what makes exceptional leaders, truly exceptional.
  • You'll receive an overall leadership effectiveness score based on these 10 attributes as well as as a thorough breakdown of what behaviors make up each attribute. 
  • You'll measure yourself against these attributes and receive comparable feedback from the people you invite to take part in your assessment.


Leadership Pulse | Three-Sixty Assessment


$50 off with code LEAD50

  • Determine your overall leadership effectiveness
  • Get feedback on 10 key attributes of exceptional leaders
  • Receive a custom report comparing your scores to scores from others.
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The details:

  • The assessment takes most users between 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • You'll receive a full custom report after your data has been calculated.
  • Invite up to 10 people to give you feedback. Responses are anonymous.
  • FREE individual assessment
  • $149 per 360° Assessment (Use code LEAD50 for $50 off for a limited time)

Hey I'm Benj. Here's why I built this.


Over the last decade I learned something game-changing about my leadership. 

I wanted all my life to be a GREAT leader.

  • I really wanted to do great work. 
  • And I really wanted to have meaningful relationships with my team members. 
  • And I want to be present with my family and leading them well. 
  • And I wanted to lead myself well.
  • Easy to say, hard to accomplish all at once.

So for a decade I read all the books and maxed myself out to  drive results like the leaders I admired. But it was exhausting. I never felt like I was getting where I wanted to go. Or like I could lead well in every part of my life at one time.

So for the last decade, I’ve been searching for a better way; I knew there had to be one. 

Recently, with the help of my friend and coach, John Ott, Co-Founder of Exceptional Leaders, I got 360 feedback on my leadership like NEVER before. The assessment gave me feedback on not just WHAT I did as a leader, but WHO I was and how I showed up. 

The feedback I got changed me. I'm leading better than ever because I'm leading out of WHO I am, not WHAT I do.

I'm here to tell you, it’s not impossible. It's definitely challenging, but if you want to be exceptional in the way you lead, it's necessary and it's freeing in ways you wouldn't imagine.

Instead of a list of 47 principles you need to follow to be a great leader, you just need to focus first on leading WHO you are. 

John and I built this 360 assessment, the Leadership Pulse, to help you learn where you are today, so you can grow in how you elad yourself and others. It's time to drop the old models that keep you burnt out, frustrated, and exhausted.

Ready to get a pulse on your leadership?

Ready to get a pulse on your leadership?

$50 off with code LEAD50

Take the Leadership Pulse 360° Assessment