Grow your business with your people

Helping leadership teams get aligned, healthy, and effective.

You've built a successful business. But you've done it on heroics. There's an easier way to fight chaos and build a business you love with the right people.

Growing businesses inevitably run into:

  • a lack of systems to support rapid expansion
  • the pain and inefficiency of a dysfunctional team
  • misaligned vision and strategy with consistent execution

These problems are common and complex. Founders and leaders like you are often willing and ready to change but lack a catalyst or a clear plan to make change last. You need a system and a soul to reach breakthrough.

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System & Soul in 90 Seconds

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Welcome to System & Soul

The only business operating framework designed to support and grow both the system and the soul of your business to create breakthough.

Get systems

Growth creates complexity, and even the best teams struggle to be effective without a clear structure, direction, and collective goals. We believe in helping teams design clear structure, measure the right things, and develop cadences for their most important activities.

Get soul

The most motivated and impactful teams embody and uphold a shared "soul." The live by a system of values, champion an identity, and above all, work to dignify people by developing their capacity, skills, and leadership abilities. We believe a SOUL is an organization's competitive advantage for talent and more business.

Bringing life-changing results to businesses everywhere.

What our clients are saying about how System & Soul is creating breakthrough for their businesses.


"This is the first time in 33 years I have ever felt like I had the right team and can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Dave Dixon, Senior Managing Partner, OneStreet Residential


"Doubling in size would have been impossible without the clarity System & Soul brought to our company."

Andrew Louder, Founder, LouderCo

Heather Fortner

"We have been working with our coach for years... his guidance, coaching, and support have been invaluable."

Heather Fortner, CEO, SignatureFD

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