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What Makes You the ONLY?

The tool to help you hone in on your identity as a company.

At System & Soulᵀᴹ we help teams gain clarity and control in their business. A key aspect to building momentum in the right direction is having your identity nailed down. Being the “only” at anything is remarkable, and it will be the thing that makes your business stand out from your competition.

This FREE resource will help you:

  • Resonate with the right audience
  • Empower your people with a simple, clear message about who you are
  • Claim a space in the market that makes you uniquely competitive

Download the Onliness Statement Tool

Find out what separates you from your competition once and for all. Download the tool below and gain clarity in your identity and messaging.

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What you get right away…

The Onliness Statement Tool PDF with a free guide for your leadership teams, tips, best practices, and rules included.

A 4-minute explainer video from System & Soul Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Benj Miller

A 30-day trial of the S2 Syncᵀᴹ App to make running your meetings easy and organized.

What are you waiting for?

This is the same Onliness Tool that Marty Neumeier suggests companies use in his book Zag.

He says, "Brands need strong positioning because customers have choices - if you don't stand out, you lose. To win the positioning game, you have to answer one simple question: What makes you the 'only'?"