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The Culture Equation


A 3-Part Mini-Course to Help YOU Create the Culture You Want

(Not Just Tolerate the One You Have)


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The one thing that can dramatically change your employee engagement, clarify your brand, decrease confusion, and make you more competitive: Culture

But great cultures don't happen overnight, or just because you have named a set of company values.

To build a culture that brings you clarity and control, you need the tools to reverse-engineer the outcome of the culture of your business.

How? By defining the Values and Organizational Habits within your business.

It's a simple formula with a transformational solution. 

Here’s how we’re going to help you do it…


The Culture Equation

A 3-part mini video course to help you solve the equation for a great culture in your business.

What you'll get:

A 3-part video series with exercises to clarify your values, organizational habits, and ultimately the culture you want to create.

Downloadable guides to help you facilitate these exercises with your team.

An interactive, downloadable workbook to write out and record your work.

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Common Pitfalls to Leading Any Organization


It isn’t enough to KNOW that the concepts of VALUES, CULTURE, and ORGANIZATIONAL HABITS are important… You need to be able to execute each of these in a very specific way.


The 3 Aspects of a Healthy Culture

that You Cannot Ignore

These are 3 essential and actionable concepts that, once known & decided, will make culture less theory and more of an engineered reality.

The 3 Values Traps

These three traps will derail your culture engineering efforts… So learn what they are in order to avoid them at all costs.

The Gap to Bridge

In order to ensure our values don't become accidental and our culture doesn't become a pie-in-the-sky aspiration, we've got to walk the talk until they become habits.

… We Cover ALL This in The Culture Equation


Helping you engineer the culture that you want in a place that you love to work where the culture is a magnet for the customers and the talent you want to work with.

Normally $149, get The Culture Equation for just $49 (that's $100 off!)

  • 3-part video series
  • Downloadable guides to walk you through the exercises
  • Interactive workbook

See for yourself...

Check out this preview video and take a look inside at everything you'll receive inside the course.

Save 68% And Buy Now

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